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From beginners to experts, we strive to cater for everyone. We supply the best quality products for the most competitive prices within the most extensive range. We supply Kids Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Acoustic/Electric Guitars and Ukuleles.


We deliver directly from the wholesaler that supplies us with products straight to you. This guarantees fast delivery that has no extra costs apart from delivery.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Guitars 4 U, we source the best quality products with the slogan satisfaction guaranteed. We strive to source products that are of high quality.

Kids Guitars

The first few months of playing are the most crucial for a child learning guitar, so it’s imperative that you choose a beginner guitar to suit them.  

This is particularly true of children with a short attention span. If they find it too difficult or uninspiring then they will put it down and, most likely, that’s where it will stay! The best way to keep up interest is to find the best fit.

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