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Why You Should Learn The Ukulele

Have you ever been interested in learning the guitar, but you thought that learning such an intricate instrument was too big of a challenge for you? The ukulele could be the perfect answer to the start of your musical journey. Searching for ukuleles for sale online can be a drag, but at Guitars4U we have just what you need. For starters, the Ukulele is quite similar to the guitar, and most people that know the guitar enjoy playing it, But, if you don’t, then it may be difficult for you at first, but all good things come with a little grind.

Why should I choose Guitars 4 U when I am looking for Ukuleles for sale?

Guitars 4 U offers a great range of Ukuleles for sale that come with different accessories that can help you become a Ukulele master. We also have quite a competitive price point so that you don’t blow the budget on your new hobby.

What’s so great about owning a Ukulele?

Ukuleles are a great instrument for introducing yourself to the world of music. These days, it is all the rage in the music industry, Ukuleles were once seen as the poor cousin to the guitar but are now being used more in popular music. Initially a bit of an novelty with its size lending itself to sideshows and comedy acts, the ukulele as fast become a staple in most modern bands instrument repertoire.

What are the types of Ukuleles for sale nowadays?

There are five main types of Ukuleles for sale and they are named after their sizes. They are Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Tenor XL, and Baritone, increasing in size as they go. The smaller the size they have, the softer and warmer their tone and of course will be a smaller fret spacing with smaller size. Guitars 4 U currently offer Concert and Tenor sizes on our website. But as mentioned previously, they have quite an amazing assortment of accessories that are sure to bring out your inner Ukulele master.

Ukuleles have a great aesthetic

Ukuleles are quite popular on the internet and have gained fame through many social media outlets, which caused Ukulele sales to skyrocket. They mainly gained popularity due to their easy chords and their manageability. Ukuleles are very popular among younger groups, with a song around a camp fire much more manageable with a ukulele rather than a full sized guitar.

So why should one learn the Ukulele?

The Ukulele is the best instrument for you if you want to learn an instrument similar to the guitar, but you do not want to put in as much effort. It is such an instrument that any song can be played on it, and it will undoubtedly sound beautiful. As with any instrument it will take many many hours to perfect the instrument so be prepared for some long hours practicing, but it will be worth it in the end. Be the life of a party or start your own music journey with a ukulele for sale at Guitars 4U.

Kids Guitars

The first few months of playing are the most crucial for a child learning guitar, so it’s imperative that you choose a beginner guitar to suit them.

This is particularly true of children with a short attention span. If they find it too difficult or uninspiring then they will put it down and, most likely, that’s where it will stay! The best way to keep up interest is to find the best fit.

There is very little doubt that music soothes the soul but it is much more than that. Introducing kids to music and especially playing an instrument is a great way to help in their development and teach them many life lessons along the way. The commitment it takes to master an instrument not to mention the patience required is but two of the lessons your child will learn along the way with their kids’ guitar. Unleash an inner personality that they never knew existed but be careful we can’t promise that it may not be a rock god.

Coming in two different sizes and several styles the Guitars 4 U acoustic kids guitars are a simple, yet very effective way to learn how to play the guitar. If you try our kids’ guitars out, you’ll notice that kids will have much more fun learning how to play the guitar with it than an ordinary full-sized acoustic one.

Acoustic kids guitars are the best for kids worried about how they’ll look and kids unsure if playing the guitar is for them. The kids sized acoustic guitar will make it easier for your kids to play as they can often reach more of the frets with less effort which makes learning chords easier than on a full-sized one. The kids’ guitars available from Guitars 4 U have been designed with kids in mind and our kids’ guitar sets come complete with guitar, tuner, picks, stand, capo, strap and even a few spare strings namely because its impossible to predict how long your child will stick at it so you might as well be prepared right?

Three reasons why your child should take up kids guitar are:

  1. Kids Guitars develops kids’ minds. If you introduce music to your child at a young enough age you may be able to dodge the dreaded video game stage as they will be committed to their art. Learning kids guitar the right way, with a teacher who can guide your beginner in the right direction, will help to ensure longevity. Letting them attempt to learn themselves whilst might work for the lucky 1%, for most of us, it is the 10,000-hour rule if we are talented enough.
  2. Learning kids guitar will help develop your kids’ memory, reasoning skills, creativity and teaches them discipline (which isn’t so bad), all just from learning this amazing instrument! It’s also really fun seeing how creative kids can be when they find something they love. What’s more rewarding than watching them commit to something and find real joy from practising and progressing.
  3. On a purely selfish parenting note, the hours that your child will spend learning the guitar will free up a lot of spare time for you to concentrate on your passions and hobbies. Two birds with one stone really.
And who knows just by introducing your kids to guitar at an early age you just might be putting them on the road to superstardom but more than likely you will be teaching them some life lessons that they would have to wait years to learn without their kids’ guitar.

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