The ukulele has long been thought of as a toy and when you are looking for ukuleles for sale there are so many strange places that you can find them. When looking to buy a guitar your first choice would normally be a music shop, either online or bricks and mortar but when it comes to finding ukuleles for sale you could easily find them in hobby or toy shops as well. The fact that it seems to be the ukulele’s time in the sun is finally vindication for this great little instrument and learning to play one could change your life. Ukuleles have become popular due to the increased use by famous musicians around the world, in fact, some musicians have made the ukulele cool some would say. When you are looking to start your journey with the ukulele here is a quick guide to help you through the pitfalls of purchasing your first ukulele.

Solid wood Vs Laminated Wood

Ukuleles are made from either solid or laminated wood. Higher quality ukulele bodies use solid woods, while more affordable models tend to have laminates- several thin layers of wood glued together and topped with a veneer that gives it an attractive appearance. Sometimes the body is composed of laminate but has top material such as spruce or cedar which greatly affects tone. Solid-wood ukuleles are great for mellowing with age to produce richer tones. However, they can be prone to splitting and cracking in colder climates. Laminates on the other hand will sound the same throughout their life but don’t typically have as much resonance as solid wood instruments such as stringed ones.

What to choose?

For what on the surface seems such a simple instrument you are spoilt for choice when deciding what ukulele to purchase. Different shapes, sizes, woods, tones and even electric versions can be found to scratch that ukulele itch that you have.


  • Standard or Figure 8 – This is the most common shape in ukuleles and is the most popular, looking just like a mini guitar this is the perfect place to start
  • Pineapple – with its rounded back, it has its design roots firmly planted in its Hawaiian origins.
  • Boat Paddle – the least common design, great if you are stuck on a raft at sea.


  • Koa
  • Mahogany
  • Spruce
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Rosewood
  • Maple

It could seem scary with such an abundance of choices but it still all comes down to what you like the look of, and of course sound of. It’s worth spending the time to research and find out what is going to be the best choice of ukulele for you to learn with. The team at Guitars4U will be able to help you to purchase the perfect ukulele for sale so that your career as a musician gets off on the right foot.