We can all agree that a guitar produces some of the most incredible sounds known to man. They are responsible for some of the most famous songs and solos of all time, no matter what taste in music you have. To some people, this is enough to start learning guitar themselves and see how far they can take their interest and love for music. Whether it be the sounds it makes or the people that play the guitar, it can lead to a fantastic hobby that can take hours of your time. Before purchasing a guitar, Guitars 4 U has created a quick guide on purchasing an electric guitar for beginners.

What sound do you enjoy most?

Firstly, before making a guitar purchase, you will know what sound you like best. Whether it is the soft acoustic sounds of Jack Johnson or the electric guitar rock of AC/DC, each person has their own unique taste and favourite sound. If you do not make this choice before purchasing, you may purchase a guitar that produces a sound that you do not enjoy. If you make the wrong choice, what chance are you of sticking with learning guitar? If you are unsure yourself, the team at Guitars 4 U are experts in helping beginners decide what guitar they like most.

What size suits you?

Now when learning guitar, being comfortable is very important. Whether sitting or standing, you want the guitar to feel comfortable in your hands and feel like it belongs. Considering you will be spending hours upon hours learning. Whether you are six years old or sixty years old, a guitar for beginners must be comfortable. Now when choosing an electric or acoustic guitar, it is important to note the different shapes, lengths and weights that come with them. For example, an electric guitar for a beginner will be shorter, but heavier. Whereas an acoustic guitar will be longer and bulkier but significantly lighter.

Don’t stress on the brand name

The team at Guitars 4 U want to help the person playing the guitar become the best guitarist they can be. Having the best brand and most expensive guitar will not guarantee this, however tailored advice and genuine care will. Whether acoustic or electric guitar, a guitar for beginners or experts, Guitars 4 U can provide the advice and guitar you need.

Invest in Education and Training

With anything you learn, having a solid foundation and understanding the basics is essential. The same applies to guitar for beginners. Once you have an electric guitar, or even before purchasing, having education and training readily available is so important. As mentioned above, it is not the guitar that will do the playing, it is the person behind the strings.

Guitars 4 U have perfect guitars for beginners and would love to help with all your guitar needs.