Buying a guitar as a beginner is a huge step and many pitfalls lie ahead for those that rush into it. Below are 6 mistakes to avoid when buying a guitar.

  1. Choosing your guitar based on brand.

If you’re looking for a new guitar there is a good chance that somewhere whether it be on the surface or buried deep within, you harbour desires to be a rock god. Dare to dream I say but don’t let your desires to be the next ‘Slash” get in the way of buying the right guitar, for you. Simply picking up a Les Paul will not see you standing in front of 50,000 screaming fans in fact by doing so may set your dreams back a way. If you are a beginner stick to the brands that won’t destroy your wallet, you have a long road ahead of you before you are ready for the big time, starting with brands like Yamaha, Alvarez and the Guitars4u brand Alpha are great guitars for beginners.

2. Choosing your guitar based on price.

As a beginner guitarist there is a long road ahead, nowhere more does the 10,000-hour rule apply than learning the guitar, ok maybe brain surgery, but its right up there. So, with that in mind spend accordingly, over 90% of new guitarists quit within the first year. Find a nice middle ground with what you are comfortable to spend and then upgrade accordingly. Just because something is flashy and expensive doesn’t mean it’s the right guitar for you.

3. Not doing any research yourself.

I cannot stress this more; you MUST do your own research when buying a guitar. If it takes 10,000 hours to master the guitar you can afford a few hours scouring the internet and seeking advice from people in the know. Not all guitar salesmen are created equal and you should canvass many opinions and then form your own – That’s guitar purchasing 101.

4. Choosing the wrong type of guitar.

Choose your axe wisely, in fact some would say let the guitar choose you not you choose the guitar. I think that might have been uttered during the 70’s folk explosion where peoples thoughts may have been slightly clouded. There is some merit to it though. You are going to have a long and very personal relationship with your guitar so choosing the right one, the one that will enhance your personal sound is particularly important. So, what will it be, Classical, Acoustic or Electric?

5. Too Many features

A wise San Francisco Police Detective once said, “A man’s got to know his limitations”. And never a truer statement has been said when buying a guitar. As a beginner, less is definitely more. Stick to the basics and buy a guitar that isn’t going to overwhelm you with all the bells and whistles. Your hand is going to be cramping anyway so any extra knobs, dials or more than 6 strings is a definite NO!

6. No return policy

Let’s refer back to point 2 where we learnt that there is a very real chance that you are going to quit the guitar within the first year. It’s essential that when buying a guitar for beginners that there is an open “Return Policy”. This is going to take a lot of pressure of your new hobby, knowing that if the guitar isn’t for you can return it and take up and easier hobby like macrame.