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When you are on vacation or forced to stay at home because of the corona virus quarantine finding a guitar for beginners and learning to play is a great way to utilize your time while gaining a very valuable life skill.

With peoples movements being restricted, online classes in such things as guitar playing has become very popular. If you don’t already have access to a guitar you can find one to suit your size, age and budget online.

Online guitar sales have exploded and they will send your new guitar to you as soon as possible so you can soon get started learning to play.

There have been reports recently of a large increase in guitar sales, as well as people enrolling in online classes since we were all forced to take a long vacation because of this pandemic.

No age limits

Many of the new guitar students are in the 11 to 15 year age bracket, but there are also many over 40’s as well as a significant number of senior citizens taking up playing the guitar, for some of these players its reviving an old skill while many of them are first time learners.

It just proves how popular learning to play the guitar has become since we have had as individuals, time to pursue our passions as well as time to practice.

Free online guitar lessons

With the opening up of the internet to everyone, it has meant that guitar lessons for beginners has never been easier. Many of the larger guitar manufactures are now giving free online guitar classes for beginners as well as courses for more advanced students.

You will also find many guitar schools have inexpensive lessons available for all types of guitar music at all levels, so if you like popular music or prefer classical you will find the right teacher for you online so you can learn from anywhere.

Individual or group lessons

There are group lessons where you can learn different techniques or you can opt for individual virtual lessons. For those who would rather a less formal learning environment, there are many down-loadable courses or self teaching kits available in any style you require.

Online guitar learning is now almost nonstop so individuals can join in for a while then settle down to practice before rejoining the same or another class, allowing you to easily learn at your own pace without the stress often associated with face to face lessons.

People all over the world are now utilizing their spare time they have been given to take up new life skills such as guitar for beginners with Rolling Stone Magazine reporting over 50,000 new students have taken up guitar lessons since they were forced to take a vacation because of the corona virus.

There have been over 13 million downloads from the Apple Sound Library since the pandemic began showing the huge amount of interest that people on vacation have in music. These people want to utilize the time they have constructively. Learning to play the guitar for beginners has never been easier with plenty of time to practice and may online learning opportunities available for all age groups and levels in any style of guitar playing desired.