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When you want to choose the best acoustic guitar for yourself or someone else the first consideration is setting your budget. Brand name acoustic guitars always fetch a premium price so rather than worry about the name, look for a guitar that sounds good and feels comfortable to play. A very cheap guitar will have an inferior sound and probably be difficult to play

  • Solid or Laminate tops

An acoustic guitar with a laminate top is usually cheaper than a guitar that has a solid wooden top and tends not to have as rich a sound or be able to produce the same volume levels, but they are usually adequate for beginners and intermediate players

  • Buy an Acoustic guitar for your skill level

Most guitar players start with a budget guitar and after they have played for a while graduate to a different type of guitar because they are looking for a particular sound or are after some of the more subtle aspects that a more expensive guitar can provide

  • Style and Shape

Often an acoustic electric guitar is preferred over a straight acoustic guitar because they have built in electronics that allow the sound to be easily amplified. They also often have a built in turner, both of which helps to make them easier to play, especially in front of an audience or in a group situation

There are three main body styles of acoustic guitar:

Classic style acoustic guitars, these are often favoured by classical guitarists and those who do a large amount of finer pickling. This is because they provide a lot of clarity between the lows and mid highs

Dreadnaught acoustic guitars typically project more than other guitars with a sort of boom sound, favored by many song writers, folk and rock artists

Jumbo acoustic guitars, these are really a cross between the sound and shape found in classical guitars and the size and volume you can produce with dreadnaught acoustic guitars

  • Size of Acoustic Guitar

Many people start to learn guitar when young and so tend to have small hands so a small or travel guitar is sometimes a good choice as the neck is not so wide. This makes it much easier for small hands and fingers to make all the different chord shapes required. Often these acoustic guitars are very reasonably priced, but it pays to play them first to make sure they do not sound like a toy. If you don’t play, take a player with you or ask for the seller to play a tune for you. (If the person selling can’t play a guitar you’re in the wrong place to buy a guitar).

The majority of people working in music stores can play a variety of instruments and are experienced in helping players of all stages pick a guitar the suites them and matches their abilities. If you look after your guitar and tater find you wish to move up to a better or different sounding model there is often a good market for good quality second hand guitars and they and to hold their price well. An acoustic guitar is really a good investment in your future, so you should try and purchase the guitar that sounds good, best fits your playing and feels comfortable for you to hold.