Learning to play electric guitar for a lot of people is easier than learning an acoustic guitar or most of the other popular instruments people lean. Some people would suggest that an acoustic is more practical for beginners because to get equal quality guitars an acoustic is cheaper than an electric because you do not need power amps and leads.

The advantages of beginners especially for young people learning electric guitar are:

  • When you start learning an electric guitar usually lower gauge strings are used often no 9 or 11. This makes playing scales, chords and strumming patterns easier to play for hands that are not used to stretching and moving in the way it’s necessary to form the right sounds
  • Typically, and electric guitar has a narrower and thinner neck, which makes it easier for hand to form around it especially smaller hands
  • The frets are usually bigger on an electric guitar compared to an acoustic making playing easier
  • An electric guitar is often more ergonomic with less bulk so you can easily find one that is more comfortable to hold that fits your particular body
  • Because of the electronic equipment and the fact that an electric guitar is usually solid rather than hollow like an acoustic guitar they weigh more, this is offset by the shoulder strap many people use

Because electric guitars use the strings to create an electrical current that is converted to sound rather than an acoustic sound box so you can practice without disturbing others using earphones. This is a distanced advantage if you live in close proximity to others

Personal preference

When choosing which instrument you want to lean, it’s really a matter of personal preference and they type of music that inspires you. Playing an instrument or type of music you’re not really into is bound to make it more difficult.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing the instrument you want to learn, an electric guitar is one of the easiest instruments to play, if you enjoy the sounds you can make using it.

As far as choosing between an acoustic or electric guitar, they both have (mainly but not always) six strings that are tuned in the same way and tonnage. The chords and notes are similar, each has its own variation of some chords, but both can be played on either instrument. So you can start on either then switch or play both if you desire it’s a matter of personal taste and the types of music you enjoy playing.

The main differences between acoustic guitars and electric and indeed any acoustic instrument is the feel of the instrument and the immediacy and transportability you have. With an acoustic instrument all you need do is pick it up to play. The need to find power supplies and lug heavy equipment around is not there.

So the answer is yes, it’s easy for a motivated person to learn the electric guitar