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The top 5 reasons why you need an electric acoustic guitar


There are a few advantages in having an electric acoustic guitar over a standard acoustic guitar. You have the advantage of being able to use it as an acoustic guitar or electric guitar. But it should be understood that there are different types of electric guitar such as a base guitar and lead/rhythm guitar, these are very different to an electric acoustic guitar.

So what is the difference between an acoustic and an electric acoustic guitar?

An electric acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar that’s been fitted with electronics, so it can be plugged into a soundboard or an amplifier. This usually involves components such as:

  • A magnetic pickup
  • A Piezo pickup, which is the most common type of pickup
  • A built in microphone
  • Sensors
  • Switch gear
  • A built in pre-amp that’s usually equipped with a tuner, equalizers and tone controls.

This all requires a power source so is usually accompanied by batteries or a power pack

These are some compelling reason why you need an electric acoustic guitar:

  1. Sound Projection

In many places where people like to play their guitars in front of an audience a standard acoustic guitar is often just not loud enough unless you want to be stuck in front of a microphone, then you have the disadvantage of losing a lot of your acoustic overtones

  1. Size and Shape

With an electric acoustic guitar, it’s possible to scale down the size or your guitar and take advantage of ergonomic cutaways without losing your guitar’s performance and quality. This is because you no longer need to rely on your guitar for projection because your amplifying your sonic projection. An acoustic guitar relies on its shape and size for its sound projection capabilities

  1. Playability

The playability of a guitar depends on its size in relationship to the player and comfort their level as well as the experience of the player. If you find the strings are too hard on an acoustic guitar this can be solved by using low action light strings on an electric acoustic guitar to give the same or better sound quality

  1. Portability

An electric acoustic guitar has the advantage it can be plugged in if there is a suitable power source, but if not can still be played. Its disadvantage is you still have the amplifier, speakers and leads to deal with

  • Cost

Usually an electric acoustic guitar cost about the same as a comparable acoustic guitar, but you have the addition of the extra hardware installed. The major difference is the cost of the main amplifier and speaker systems. But it is much cheaper than purchasing an electric guitar. With both, you still have the cost of all the necessary amplification equipment

With modern electronics having an electric acoustic guitar means that you can have all the advantages of an acoustic guitar with the add benefit of being able to project your sound in a large area.

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