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The top 5 benefits of an acoustic guitar

Once you have decided to learn to play the guitar, the next question is which type. There is no easy answer to this and many players will have their own ideas all of which are valid. It really depends on the type of music you’re interested in playing. Generally learning the acoustic guitar is much simpler that other types of guitar.

I hope this article will help you understand the following benefits of an acoustic guitar:

Why learn on an Acoustic Guitar?

  1. Easier to play

Mostly, an acoustic guitar is easier to play when you first start out as there are not so many issues to worry about. An electric guitar requires you to set the sound volume, bass, treble and other switches and knobs. With an acoustic guitar all you need to do is take it from the case, tune it and play

  1. Spend less on your first guitar

Usually an acoustic guitar is more reasonably priced than other types such as an electric guitar, which needs leads amps and speakers. You can purchase a cheap electric guitar and sound gear, but for much less money you can get a much higher quality and more user friendly acoustic guitar.

  1. An Acoustic Guitar is more Portable

You can play an acoustic guitar anywhere, you don’t need a power supply, but if you want to, you can turn most acoustic guitars into electric guitars by adding a sound pickup.

If you want to practice in seclusion, which is a very sociable option when first starting out; this is much more easily done with an acoustic guitar

  1. Learn the Basics without Pressure

When a person first starts out learning the guitar with a few simple cords that help you learn the basics, it’s so much easier with an acoustic guitar. Once you have mastered things like your technique and simple chord vocabulary you will then be able to advance at your own pace to become a great real time, functional guitarist. Then you can advance into different types of guitars

  1. Learn song and Lyric Writing

An acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for learning to write songs and song lyrics. Of course it can be done on an electric guitar, but often they are used for writing as part of a band arrangement where you need different sounds.

Once you have mastered the acoustic guitar you can perform solo or with others anywhere, anytime. It’s a great social instrument that helps break the ice and meet new people. Being able to play the guitar allows you to start a party anywhere and the acoustic guitar is the best instrument for doing this

The top five benefits of an acoustic guitar are its versatility, portability and ease of playing. All you need is the guitar an ability to play and a place to play it, no power cords or leads are required, it’s a very social instrument.

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