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The top 5 reasons to buy an electric guitar


Learning to play on an electric guitar is right for some people, especially those who just love rock music, metal or any of the other sounds that can only be made using an electric guitar. Many people would argue that it’s best to learn on an acoustic  first, but it’s more important to love what you’re doing than to play stuff you’re not inspired by or maybe even hate.

  1. Follow you Desires

Learning to play guitar is for some very easy, but for most it involves learning new skills and applying yourself. This is much easier to do if you’re enjoying the experience and much more difficult if you’re not. So follow your desires if you’re passionate about learning on an electric guitar, in some ways it’s easier that an acoustic

  1. Electric Guitars can be Easier to Play than Acoustic

The reason for this is because the guitars are a bit smaller, the neck is thinner and the strings are lighter. This tends to suit younger hands better and it can be more comfortable on the fingers until you get used to working your fingers. Unfortunately, most of the cheaper electric guitars do not have this advantage as they tend to be more chunky and difficult to play like any really cheap guitar.

One of the advantages of an electric guitar over an acoustic is they are easier to set up when beginning than an acoustic guitar

  1. Greater Volume Control

Most people consider that electric guitars are very noisy and yes, they can be, but the player has greater control over the volume and with the volume knob you can turn it right down so no one can hear you. You can play using earphones so you can practice in silence, making them much more socially acceptable than any other instrument.

Having the ability to make mistakes during practice that nobody hears is a great advantage to those who are sensitive about their playing. You can also try things that you don’t want others to hear until you’ve perfected it. A good thing when you’re writing songs or new lyrics in a busy household or apartment block

  1. More Sound Options

With an electric guitar you have a huge range of sound options that are just not available with an acoustic guitar. You will be able to play any style of music you like with the right set up, the right training and practice

  • The widest Range of Musical Choices

Most instruments are limited to a particular sound, but an electric guitar allows you to make a whole range of sounds and even have the guitar accompanying you with a rhythm section from its electronics, but that’s getting way into the advanced stages


An advantage of buying an electric guitar is its versatility, even if a person is sure of the type of music they wish to play, music can help you grow in many directions.

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