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What to look for in a Kids Guitar
Making the right choice of guitar for your child is very important. Most experts agree that the first few lessons are critical and if the whole exercise is enjoyable and stress-free then it’s more likely they will continue.

If a kid makes it through the first 3 months of guitar lessons, then they are more likely to become lifelong guitar players. To encourage your kids to keep playing the guitar, it’s important to do three things

Have an inspiring guitar teacher for your kid

The lessons need to be fun and enjoyable if the stress level is high, then most kids will just stop playing

Find a kids guitar that suits the type of music they enjoy

If your child loves heavy metal and you try and get them to learn classical, the lessons are doomed to failure

Find the right kid guitar

The third and most important thing is to find the right guitar for your kid. Kids Guitars come in all sorts of styles and sizes so finding the right one for your kids is always possible
This is what to look for when choosing a kids Guitar
Type of Guitar
Often the best type of guitar to begin learning with is a classical guitar, the reasons for this is that they have nylon strings that are gentle on the kids fingers. But it really depends on the style of music they enjoy and wish to play. If they want to only play pop music, then an acoustic kid guitar is probably better.

Electric guitars come in a whole range of sizes but tend to be quite heavy, so this needs to be taken into account
Have a fitting before buying a kid Guitar
Even if your child has not had any lessons it’s still a good idea to go to your local music shop and have a look at the different options. Tell the sales staff your child is about to start lessons or is a beginner and you are looking to find the right guitar for your kid.

Guitar Size
Overall Length
Height of the child

4-6 years

5-8 years

8-11 years

from 10 years

from 12 years
from 5’3″

Ask your child to hold different sizes of guitars, see if their fingers can easily reach around the neck and that the guitar hangs comfortably on them. Sometimes people like to stand and play while at other times sitting is the best option.

Allow your kid to get the feel of different guitars weights, styles and sizes. See if your kids are comfortable strumming different types of guitars
Kids Guitars Price
We’re all conscious of the need to budget so for the first guitar, it’s a matter of what you can afford, but buying a top brand specialised Kids guitar for a beginner is usually not a good idea as people don’t usually stick to their first guitar This is because most people soon start to develop their own styles and so wish to progress to different types of guitar as they learn

The most important things when looking for a kids guitar is finding one of a suitable size and that is easy for your child to play so the lessons are fun.

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