Playing a guitar is basically a very safe occupation, although if you decide to play an electric guitar, then there are a few precautions you need to take just like you would when using any other electrical appliance.

Singing in the bathroom is often considered normal because the shape of the bath and the simple lines in most bathrooms help make the sounds clear and pleasing. But it’s not a good place for an electric guitar because of the water there.

Electric Guitars

If you’re playing a new or near new electric guitar, then it has built in safety features, so it is very safe, but some older guitars were made without these and can be quite dangerous.

Only electric guitars with these three features are dangerous:

  • If your guitar was made before 1980, that’s 40 years ago
  • Has a polarity switch
  • Uses a two prong AC plug or connector

Many of the electric guitar amps made before 1980, most of the models made before 1970 and all electric guitar amps that were made before 1970 were made using a grounding system that has proved to be dangerous, giving painful shocks and at least one death


If you’re lucky enough to have one of these cool amps, that now would be a collector’s item and quite hard to find as well as being expensive, before you play it, have it upgraded by a competent electrician. Most people who play electric guitar will use a modern amp and as long as you keep it dry there is very little chance of electrical shocks.

Do a Warm Up

Guitar a playing is strenuous on tendons, muscles, fingers and bones so to avoid injury it’s wise to do a few warm up exercise and hand stretches. This applies to anything you decide to do on your electric guitar, practice, playing or recording a set.

Focused and Relaxed

As well as warm up exercises to play well and avoid injury being focused and relaxed helps. Being uptight and stressed does not help, rather playing an electric guitar should help you to be calm and relaxed and help to remove stress.

Excessive Noise Levels

If you’re constantly exposed to excessive noise levels, there is a real danger of permanent and debilitating hearing loss as well as tinnitus.

  • Sore Hands

If you play the electric guitar excessively you can develop sore hands and so it your hands start to hurt while or after playing, take a break and allow them to settle down.

  • Repetitive strain Injury

This is usually caused by bad guitar practices and being dehydrated

Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons in your hands

Carpal tunnel is where the spaces in your wrists narrow, causing the nerves to get pinched. This can result in a tingling feeling or numbness or both

Repetitive Strain Injuries are very common with musicians, especially guitar players in the same way as computer users and typists.

Playing the electric guitar is a very safe pastime unless you’re using a 40 year old plus guitar and amplifier or like to play in the bath, both which are not recommended. Like all strenuous things, warm up exercises will ensure you do not cone to and harm while playing.