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Many people chose the guitar as their first musical instrument for a number of reasons They are quite easy to learn, easy to transport, inexpensive and fun. You can find guitars online or in music shops where they have guitars for sale. The main thing you need to decide is do you want an acoustic or electric guitar.

When you learn any instrument, it can be challenging, this guide is designed to help your guitar playing journey as pleasurable and enjoyable as possible.

Parts of a Guitar

The basic parts are:

·         Body is usually roughly a figure “8” design. An acoustic guitar is hollow, a sound box. On electric guitars, it’s solid

·         Fretboard or guitar’s neck has fret lines; longer fretboards give a wider range of sounds

·         Bridge and Nut on the headstock and the bridge on the body keep the strings above the fretboard

·         Strings are made of nylon or steel

Tuning Pegs are used to gain tension on the strings and tune the guitar

Headstock holds the strings

Sound Hole turns the string’s vibrations into sound

An electric guitar has a pickup, without power an electric guitar makes almost no sound

The Three Main Guitar Type

·         Electro-acoustic Guitar

Features a thinner and longer fretboard which makes it easier for beginners to play, it gives a wide range of sounds, that’s ideal for lead guitarists.

Electro-acoustic guitars have meal strings which are a bit harder on the fingers than nylon strings, but give a good sound range and recommended for rhythm guitarists

·         Acoustic or Classical Guitar

There is usually a thick and a bigger body on a full sized acoustic guitar making it hard for small hands, but smaller, children’s guitars available and with their nylon strings they are easier to play.

They are great for anyone who likes folk or classical music and just want to play anywhere without needing to plug in

·         Electric Guitars

These are often the easiest to play as they have the great rang because of their narrow, long fretboards. They have the advantage you can play them using headphones or turn the volume right down so as not to annoy others.

These are a must if you want to play electric music like rock or metal

Which Guitar Should You Pick?

That depends on personal choice, try different models out. Once you have found the type of guitar you want, look at the guitars online to find the right choice for you.

Music Where to Start

Play around with a guitar and get a feel for it before your first lesson, then once you have learnt the fundamentals you can start learning to play.

The Basic Elements of Music

These are melody, harmony and rhythm

·         Melody is the recognizable tune of the music

·         Rhythm is the lengths of the notes apart from the beat, the strumming and finger picking

·         The beat is what people clap to in a song

·         Tempo is the speed of a song, fast or slow

·         Harmony is the elements of a song, two or more pleasing sounds happening together, which overlap and created one sound, harmony

You will find guitars for sale in music shops or online whether you want an electric guitar or acoustic is a matter of personal preference