Learning to play the guitar can be the best decision that anyone can ever make. The life lessons that you can learn by playing an instrument are endless and if possible, it’s great to start learning early. In saying that, you are never too old to learn to play an acoustic guitar and never too old to learn life lessons. Whilst the vast majority of people that take up the acoustic guitar will never be superstars, just being able to sit around with the family for a sing-along is enough for most. But this now leads to the question; what to look for when buying your first acoustic guitar.

The Size of the acoustic guitar

Like hats, guitars are not a one size fits all proposition. Of course, your age and body size will determine your initial selection. This is a crucial decision as buying the correct sized acoustic guitar will make the learning process easier, if that’s possible. Guitars4U stocks two sizes of guitars, 34″ and 38″ that should cover most kids and adults in the search for their first guitar.

What you get

When purchasing an acoustic guitar, especially if it is your first you need to be sure that you are getting all the accessories that you need. At Guitars4U we sell package deals that include:-

  • A tuner
  • A guitar bag
  • Capo
  • Picks
  • Strap
  • Stand

This is everything that you need to get started on the road to musical dominance. As a first up buyer, you are better to buy the package deals as our experience shows that most players end up buying all these items in the long run. Might as well get it all upfront.


The age-old question when buying anything is, “how much is it going to cost me”. The question should be “how much do I need to spend on my first acoustic guitar”? The answer is you don’t need to break the bank but cheaper in this case is definitely not better. Remember that if you are learning the acoustic guitar you are better to wait and see if you are going to really love it before spending a lot on it. At Guitars4U our kids’ acoustic guitars start at $99. Under the $100 mark is a price that is worth spending to see if you or your child are going to love it.

It can be very easy to be lured into buying a guitar that is unsuitable for you to begin with. You may have a lofty dream of becoming a rock star but erring on the side of caution is a good place to start. These are three very important things to remember when looking to buy your first acoustic guitar. If you take your time to research and stick to these suggestions, then you will surely find the right guitar for you or your child to learn to play on.