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Choosing the right kid’s guitar is important as it encourages your child to keep playing so they reap the benefits of learning this instrument throughout their lifetime. When children learn a musical instrument such as a guitar it helps in their social and emotional development as well as coordination and cognitive skills, leading to a more contented and successful life.

Choose a guitar that has been checked and adjusted to suit your child

All new guitars need to be adjusted by an expert to make them easier to play. A guitar that has not been properly adjusted can be difficult to play, especially for children.

A new guitar strings will often be too high above the fretboard making playing very difficult for young underdeveloped fingers to push them down. Playing or practising on a poorly adjusted guitar can cause the wrong messages to go to the brain, this can result in bad playing habits and brain to muscle memories that are very hard to correct and can cause uneven playing.

Badly adjusted kids guitars can spoil what was to be a very enjoyable and happy experience and cause your child to want to give up playing because they just find it too difficult and lose confidence in themselves. Having a guitar adjusted to suit an individual child’s hand’s and fingers makes learning to play the  guitar a joy.

Selecting the correct size of guitar

Guitars come in a range of sizes to suit different body types and shapes. If you have a kids guitar that’s too large for them it makes it difficult for them to obtain the proper reach with both hands and playing can be very uncomfortable and can cause shoulder and back pains.

When trying to play a guitar that’s too big the muscles will be stretched making it harder to move the fingers properly and fluidly on the fretboard

Select a guitar that interests your child

If your child doesn’t know which guitar they want, then take them to a music shop and have them try a selection to get the feel of them. Normally the best choice is an acoustic guitar, but this would be a poor choice if they only like electric music.

Find out the reason or motivation behind your child’s desire to learn the guitar, then choose a kids guitar based on their preferences.

If you live in a confined space and the noise of practising is an issue, then an electric guitar and a set of air phones may be a happy choice for everyone as your child will be able to practice and play without bothering anyone

When choosing a kids guitar, it’s important to get a type and size of guitar that suits your particular child and it’s adjusted to suit them. Having a poorly or non-adjusted guitar that is too big for your child to comfortably play is very likely to stop them enjoying their lessons cause them to stop playing, losing a very valuable experience and a lifelong passion. An acoustic guitar is suitable for most students, although those who want to play music that can only be played using an electric guitar may not be impressed by being expected to learn traditional music on an acoustic guitar. A child who desires to play classical or flamingo guitar will probably not be impressed with an electric guitar.