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When teaching guitar for beginners, one of the most important things is to ensure they enjoy it and have fun so they look forward to their lessons. Many music lessons are boring and not musical, so students lose interest quickly and dread the next lesson.

A great guitar teacher for beginners understands their students desire to learn to make music and play the guitar and can relate to the challenges they are facing, the frustrations they are feeling and the self-doubt they have in their abilities, so addresses these issues by making the lessons easy, fun and enjoyable.

Consider these tips while teaching guitar to beginners:

  • Use the Geometric Teaching Method

Many teachers use the linear method to teach music where students learn one skill at a time and have to practice that until, they have mastered if before moving on. This works well in teaching science or maths, but music is very different and such a logical approach is not necessarily the best. Unfortunately, this approach can be boring and takes a long time, so students are often discouraged.

The geometric approach allows students to feel they’re really learning as they are able to quickly play recognizable music not scales or boring practice notes. Because of their interest and enthusiasm they progress much faster than with other teaching methods

  • Don’t Teach Beginners Music Theory, Sight Reading, Finger Independence and Ear Training

Finger exercises, reading music and theory are for many quite the opposite of having fun and these skills while they are useful and important to know, should be learnt after a student has learnt a few basic skills and is hooked on learning the guitar.

By teaching to actually play a tune, to play music at the first lesson, students will feel that they have achieved something and that guitar playing is fun and enjoyable. This will make them more likely to enjoy their practice sessions and want to have more lessons

  • Help Beginner Students Develop Confidence

Many students when first beginning to learn the guitar are totally clueless about their abilities and guitar potential and need to gain a self-confidence. An important area of being a successful teacher of the guitar for beginners is your ability to remove your student’s self-doubt and help them build confidence in themselves.

This can best be done by showing them easy methods to play simple tunes and also encourage them to keep going. Lay the music they like and help them learn this rather than the music they do not care for

  • Give Your Beginning Students Easy Victories

Make sure that in each lesson your students experience for themselves some positive progress and develop programs where they have positive goals to work towards. Everyone likes to be a winner and if they have the feeling each time they come to a lesson, they are winning and getting to a more positive place in their playing it will encourage them more. They key to teaching guitar for beginners is to provide a reasonable level of personal satisfaction and pleasure in reaching minor goals on the path to becoming more accomplished. The more they learn, the more enjoyment and the more understanding they will have about how necessary it is to practice.