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Purchasing online is now very easy and you have a huge choice of guitars available, but the problem is out of all the thousands of choices how do you pick the right kids guitar online.

This simple guide will help you find the right one for your child:

Type of Guitar

The first thing you need to establish is the type of music your child likes and wants to play. This is simply because a child who loves heavy metal is not going to be interested in playing folk or classical guitar. Sure, many people are convinced that everyone should learn on an acoustic guitar and then when they have the basics they can change, but this doesn’t necessarily work from a kid’s point of view. And they are the ones who need to enjoy and be motivated into playing.

If your child is not sure which type of music they want to play then it’s probably best to go with an acoustic model or even pick a model that although basically is acoustic also has a built in pick up and micro amplifier.

If your child decides they want to play a specific genre after they have learnt the basics, that is the time to get a guitar that suits that style of music

Size of Guitar

Size does matter with guitars, generally adults will use a full sized guitar, but often these are just too big for most children to play comfortably. For this reason guitars come in scaled down versions with smaller bodies and necks. Guitars come in full, ¾ and half sizes with classical guitars also in a ¼ size. They are also made in different neck shapes and sizes so you can find one that is comfortable for your child and fits their hand size

If you’re looking for an electric guitar, they tend to be smaller than the average acoustic models but because of the components inside are often heaver, so this needs to be taken into consideration

What to Look For When Purchasing a Kids Guitar

When looking for a kid’s guitar online many people go for a particular brand or style, but it’s more important to get a guitar that is comfortable, otherwise it prevents learning to play from being the enjoyable experience it should.

Once you have found a selection of guitars online take down their particulars and head to a music store to view and touch the guitars in question. Unless you are very sur it’s often not a good idea to purchase a guitar without trying it and they are all so different and individual.

If you are unable to find the exact same guitar, you will be able to find ones that are very similar. Check the reviews that accompany most guitars that are for sale online. It’s also important to ready their full policy on returns if you are not satisfied.

Don’t purchase a guitar with too many features as these are not need and libel to cause confusion when first learning to play. They can also add to the cost of buying a kids guitar online. The main thing is getting a guitar that comfortable to play and suits the style of music your kid enjoys.