The covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted most people’s lives, but one advantage of it is that many people have now got the time to sit, contemplate their futures and concentrate on their hobbies as well as leisure activities. Finding time to learn or play the guitar is now possible and although going to the guitar store to purchase a guitar or accessories may not be easy, buying from an online guitar store is very easy and safe.

These are some top tips to consider while purchasing guitars and equipment online:

  • Ask questions

If you have any questions about the guitar you’re interested in on when looking at an online guitar store, it’s very easy to ask questions about if or hear how it sounds by asking using their online chat. If you prefer send a message using the Message Button so you can chat and arrange to make a video call with the seller. You can request more photos or a video of the guitar in use if you desire

  • You may be able to make an offer for selected lines

Some guitars will be at a fixed price, but there will always be some models with special or discounted prices if you ask, so you could save anywhere from 5 to 30 percent of the original asking price if you want to negotiate with them

  • Think about Preloved guitars

If you look after a quality guitar, it actually improves with age and being played, so ask the online guitar store if they have any preloved guitars that people have traded in when wanting to upgrade or change the type of guitar they play.

If you do purchase a second hand guitar, you will find the price will be significantly cheaper than a new one, but if they are well looked after the price you could resell it for is almost the same as what you paid for it, as they tend to hold their value well and some even increase in value with age

  • Check the return policy

It’s important to check and understand the return policies with the online guitar store that you’re dealing with as they all have slightly different policies on returning purchases, but they all must accept returns if the item is significantly different from what is advertised or it has a defect

  • Pricing

Usually, the prices of guitars found in online stores can be lower than a comparable model in a bricks and mortar store.

Modern guitar construction means that the majority of brand guitars are of a reasonable quality, but you do get what you pay for and spending just a little bit more on a slightly more expensive guitar generally means it will be made of better materials making it sound nicer and possible being easier to play.

Now is the perfect time to visit your online guitar store, their virtual showroom makes browsing the different guitars and accessories easier and quicker. You can make a selection and find out all about it from the comfort of your own home. Talking to the sales people is easy and hassle free and you can check out the videos to hear peoples comments and the sound of a particular guitar that interests you. Then have it quickly delivered right to your door.