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An acoustic guitar is a delicate instrument, but if looked after correctly, it will last for years, giving its owner’s and others a huge amount of pleasure. If you fail to look after an acoustic guitar will soon need to be replaced.

The following tips will help you to maintain your acoustic guitar properly:

Wipe Your Strings

Always wipe your guitar strings after you play. This is because the strings are made of metal and the sweat from your fingers can cause them, to prematurely wear out through corrosion or oxidation. If the crud from your fingers is allowed to build up and mix with dust and grit, it can quickly cause them to sound dull and make them hard to tune as well as also causing them to requiring constant tuning.

An old clean t-shit will provide the perfect cloth to use for wiping your guitar and the strings easily removing the perspiration as well as any grime that has accumulated. The same cloth is also great for using on the guitar body and neck.

Keep Your Guitar in Its Case

Your guitar case is designed to keep your guitar in the best possible condition; it’s not only there to make it easier to carry. Being made of wood, an acoustic guitar is vulnerable to direct sun exposure as well as any moisture in the air.

Cleaning the Neck

Your cleaning cloth should be used to rub down the neck after use. When you change the strings you have the perfect opportunity to clean the fretboard.

An in depth clean can be done by carefully using steel wool to clean between the frets. Use a circular motion to quickly remove any buildup of deposits and then wipe clean with your soft cloth.

A good quality fretboard oil can be applied by following the manufacturer’s instructions you’ll find on the bottle. This combined with being wiped down after you finish playing will help to prevent any further build up.

Cleaning your Acoustic Guitars Body

An acoustic guitar is finished in a lacquer type varnish that will benefit from having an approved polish occasionally to keep its luster and appearance, but do not use these on the fretboard or strings.

Extra Tips to make Playing Easier

  • A capo is a device that clamps on the neck and across the fretboard to shorten the string length and help with changing the pitch. It is often used when playing different tunes as it helps when changing keys. A good place to keep it is clipped to the headstock so it is handy and ready to be used
  • Your Pick is very small and easy to lose so a good place to keep it when not playing is to weave it through the guitar strings. This ensures it will always be available. A good place is weaved between three strings close to the nut and not below the 7th fret so it’s held tightly

Looking after your acoustic guitar is not difficult, in fact, it’s really just common sense. When you finish playing wipe your strings, fretboard and guitar body, then place it in its case. Using a good quality fretboard oil and polishing the varnished surfaces with a suitable polish will ensure it lasts for years.