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When first learning the guitar there are a few challenges that you need to overcome, guitar for beginners is not always easy, but with the right learning methods and practice you will soon find playing much easier and enjoyable.

The most common guitar problems that many learners face are:

  • Moving fluidly between chords

This is a very common problem and can only be resolved by having the correct technique and practice. What often happens is a new player will start playing a certain chord, begin strumming and to introduce the rhythm and then lose the pace of the tune when they try to change chords.

Often when a beginner is learning they tend to take their fingers off the fretboard when they wish to change chords because they are concentrating on their chord position, they lose the rhythm and the tune or song sounds broken or not smooth. In order to eliminate this problem a learner should pay more attention to their rhythm with their strumming hand and practice sliding their fingers while remaining on the fretboard into the new chord position.

Once you have the rhythm sorted out, it’s a matter of practice to learn the chord change, but while learning the tune, it will sound much better and give more confidence

  • Your playing just sounds a bit sloppy

Many people when they play, especially during guitar lessons for beginners, tend to speed up their playing without noticing they are doing so. It’s a quite natural action, but in doing so you will soon lose the tune altogether because it’s just too fast and your fingers won’t be able to keep up.

To fix this problem you need to consciously keep you playing speed in check. Often this is difficult when first starting out so a metronome is very handy to help you keep at the right speed and your rhythm even. A huge advantage of using a metronome is that you can quickly train yourself to always play on-time and in-time, enabling you to easily play with other musicians

  • Some chords are difficult to play

This is to be expected when you are first learning to play the guitar and the hand positions are not natural and can be quite challenging, so they need to be learnt especially during guitar lessons for beginners.

When your fingers have to be stretched out across three or more frets, it can be quite difficult until you have had plenty of practice and place a lot of stress on your hand. Some chords require you to use four fingers in new and unnatural combinations making it difficult.

If you start out learning the basic two finger chords and master these, then gradually and in your own pace, start practising while introducing the other more difficult chords into your playing, you will eventually master them all to a reasonable degree.

If you seek out a great guitar teacher, especially during our guitar lessons for beginners, it will help you learn to play much quicker and also ensure you do not develop some of the bad habits and most of the common guitar problems which many beginners can face and when they first start to learn to play the guitar.