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If you’re trying to decide which is better a ukulele of a guitar for beginners, this article may help you decide, so consider:

The most obvious differences between a ukulele and a guitar are the size differences, the number of strings and the sound they make.

  • Most ukuleles’ have four strings, but there are some made with six strings
  • The majority of guitars have six strings, but there are also guitars with twelve strings
  • The standard ukulele is much smaller than the average guitar, but they are a similar size to guitars made for small children
  • The sound of a ukulele is unique and different from a guitar; they tend to be in the mid tonal range. The larger the ukulele the more tonal range they offer
  • A guitar can be made to sound like a ukulele, especially an electric model, but a ukulele has a distinctive Hawaiian tone
  • The fretboard on a ukulele is much shorter and thinner than on a guitar. This makes it easier for people who have small hands such as children to play, but it also makes it more difficult for people with large hands to play, although you can get a larger ukulele so this tends not to be a problem
  • The strings on a ukulele are made of nylon so are softer and easier to press down on making it easier for someone to learn

The pros and cons of a guitar and ukulele

Pros of getting a ukulele

  • Ukuleles are smaller than guitars and more portable
  • They tend to have a faster learning curve for beginners
  • Ukuleles tend to produce higher and more cheerful tones
  • Ukuleles tend to be substantially cheaper than guitars

The cons of getting a ukulele

  • Ukuleles are more difficult to play for people with large hands
  • They tend to have a much smaller tonal range
  • There are less options for the type of music that really suitable for playing on a ukulele
  • There are less options for finding a suitable teacher

The pros of getting a guitar for beginners

  • A wide range of guitar sizes to suit all sized players
  • The guitar suits a large range of music styles an sounds
  • Guitars produce a much larger range of tones
  • Guitars are easier to play for people with large hands
  • There are many teachers and opportunities to learn to play the guitar

The cons of getting a guitar

  • Guitars are significantly more expensive than ukuleles
  • There is a steeper learning curve for playing the guitar
  • Guitars are less portable because of their size

Which is easier to learn?

It’s debatable, a guitar or ukulele, the answers are, ….It depends….

A learning curve for a ukulele is smaller because the string tension is lower and less strings, it’s smaller so suits children’s hands better. It’s cheaper to purchase new than a comparable guitar, but….. the fact is, the guitar is the most popular musical instrument in the western world. There are many guitar teachers for beginners and you can purchase a guitar to suit your size. It only takes a little practice for hands to become strong enough to play the guitar, so really it comes down to personal choice.