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Deciding or trying to choose the best acoustic guitar for all times is a very difficult choice to make as there are so many great acoustic guitars and guitarists around. The most important thing with a guitar is that it suit’s the player and they find it easy to play. Some guitars just do not suit some people while others are very popular and appeal to the majority, but may not really be perfect for a particular individual. It’s a good idea to try as many different guitars as possible until you find one that you feel is just right for you.

Finding the best acoustic guitar that suits you at all times is a difficult prospect, but here are some considerations to help you:

How to buy the best acoustic guitar for yourself?

If you’re just starting out on the adventure of acoustic guitar playing, it’s important to get a guitar that feels and sounds right for you. Ask your guitar teacher for some advice and see if you can play a little on a few different guitars. It doesn’t matter if you can’t yet put together a full song, what is important is the feel of the guitar, how it sits with you, its weight and whether or not you like the sounds you can make.

If you have been playing for a while, you’ll have a better idea of what you want in a guitar and the sounds you want to make, so will be looking for an acoustic guitar that will help you advance to the next level.

Many acoustic guitars look the same and some may even feel the same until you start to play them, then you will feel and hear the difference. As anyone who has an old guitar will tell you a quality acoustic guitar will improve with age.

While you do have to pay a premium price for an acoustic guitar with a good brand name, there are many lesser known brands of guitars that are made to a very high standard. But it’s true that you really do tend to get what you pay for and a cheaper type of acoustic guitar will generally be harder to play, not have the same sound quality and not be quite so robust as the more expensive higher end models

What to look for in an acoustic guitar

  • The action or height of the strings from the fretboard can make a big difference to playing, the closer they are the easier it’s to play
  • All solid wood acoustic guitars usually have a better sound or tone than acoustic guitars made using laminated woods and are considered the gold standard for better depth of sound and volume

Many modern acoustic guitars now include on-board electronics or at least the ability to use them, which makes them much more versatile for many players and making them best for all times and playing conditions.

There is no doubt that purchasing a high quality acoustic guitar if you look after it, is an investment in your future playing enjoyment as it will last you for many years and retain or even improve in value. High quality acoustic guitars sing when played by an experienced musician bringing joy to the player as well as the audience and can be played at all times