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There really is no right or wrong answer to the question of which guitar is best, an acoustic or electric. There are several myths such as an electric guitar is easier to play, so you should learn on one of these or that an acoustic guitar is harder to play so you should start learning this type of guitar to strengthen your fingers.

The truth is that it depends on circumstances and they type of music, you’re passionate about.

Often people choose an acoustic guitar because it’s more in keeping within their budget.

Reasons for choosing to an acoustic guitar

The most important consideration when choosing an acoustic guitar is because it creates the type of music you love and want to play. The experiences you have with your first few lessons are probably the most important as if you enjoy, find pleasure in playing and learning you are more likely to continue with your lessons. If on the other hand, you don’t like the sound you’re making and it doesn’t inspire you, then it’s unlikely you will continue playing.

An acoustic guitar has heavier strings which require you to use more pressure than an electric guitar; this is because in order to create a sound you need to get the soundboard vibrating. This can make a difference, but this can easily be minimized by having your guitar set up properly and adjusted to suit you for easier playability.

The body of an acoustic guitar is often larger than a similar electric guitar, but acoustic guitars come in a whole range of sizes to suit individuals, so you can usually find one that sits comfortably with you.

An acoustic guitar is more transportable because it’s complete and doesn’t require electric power to work, so it can be taken almost anywhere

Reasons for choosing an electric guitar

If you love the sound of an electric guitar and are not really interested in the sounds of an acoustic guitar, there is little point in getting an acoustic guitar. An electric guitar will be the best option for you.

Of course, if you like both and cannot decide, you have the option of buying an electric, acoustic guitar that allows you the benefit of both.

An electric guitar is often easier to play than an acoustic, if it has been adjusted correctly for the player. Because an electric guitar is smaller in the body and neck size and has lighter strings, it’s often easier to play, especially for smaller hands as you don’t need to press so hard to get an equivalent sound. But this difference is only temporary and after playing for a while the hands become much stronger.

Electric guitars need a power source to power their amplifiers so are less transportable

A major advantage with an electric guitar is they can be played using air phones so only you can hear your practice minimizing any disturbance to others.

Budget restraints can have a large impact on the type of guitar that’s available to you with a better quality acoustic guitar costing substantially less than most electric guitars

The bottom line is the best choice between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar is your own personal choice in the sounds.