The question about whether the ukulele or the guitar is best for beginners is very difficult to answer, because it depends on a number of factors. When you visit your local guitar store, you are very likely to find both, so it’s advisable to try them both out to see which you prefer.

It’s universally accepted that a ukulele is easier to play than a guitar, especially for small hands, although ukuleles come in a variety of sizes, just as guitars do. The one that is best, depends on an individual’s taste and requirements

A major fact that should be considered is whether or not the learner likes the sound made by a ukulele or prefers the sound of a guitar as enjoyment is very import when learning if a person does not much care for the sound their instrument is making then t’s harder to learn

In order for you to decide which one is the best option for beginners between a ukulele and a guitar, here are some comparisons:

Fewer strings

A ukulele has four strings compared with a guitar that has 6 or sometimes 12 strings. This means that the learner has less to think about and master with a ukulele than a guitar. When playing, there are lots of one and two finger chords to keep it simple.

Soft Strings

A ukulele uses soft flexible nylon strings that are a lot more gentle on young fingers, but this quickly becomes a non issue once the fingers toughen up with practice. But a ukulele will always be easier to play than a guitar.

Lower String Tension

The ukulele uses a much lower string tension than a guitar making it much easier to push down on the strings and to strum them when playing.

Shorter Scale

The frets on a ukulele are much closer together and the sale is shorter, which tends to suite small beginner’s hands

Smaller and Lighter

As most people start to learn a stringed instrument as a child, the compact size of a ukulele is much more suitable for their body size making it easier to hold and play. Children’s guitars are available, but they don’t tend to be of high quality and so are not very easy to play


Ukuleles are often cheaper than guitars, although there are some relatively expensive ukulele models available. Generally, you can get a good beginner’s ukulele for about $50 to $100 which for a quality string instrument is a reasonable cost.

For an absolute beginner who wants to learn quickly the a ukulele is often recommended as you’ll be able to play full tunes much quicker, although you will be limited in the range of sounds you can make

If you have large hands, a guitar may be easier for you to play as the size of the frets may be more suitable for you.

The pros of learning a ukulele are that they are smaller and easier to transport and play for small hands. There is a fast learning curve with high cheerful notes and a cheaper cash outlay at your guitar store

The cons of learning a ukulele are they can be hard to pay with big hands and have  a low tone range