This article is for those who are new to the world of stringed instruments and willing to learn guitar. If you don’t observe closely, ukeleles look quite similar to guitars. But when you look closely, you notice that ukeleles have a lesser number of strings(4 to be precise). While the guitars have six in numbers.

Also, ukeleles are lighter in size and could be the best option for young learners. Guitars 4U makes a large number of Ukeleles for sales at a very reasonable price. We understand what is best for learners and professionals. With this profound understanding and a large number of instruments, we give the most befitting things.

In this blog, we’ll tell things that make Ukelele a better instrument for learners than the guitar.

Things that make the Ukelele better than the guitar for learners:-

Lesser number of chords

As mentioned above, Ukeleles come with only 4 chords which are easier to hold. They also make the application of various techniques much easier comparatively. For example, if you want to play the open C chord on guitar, you’ll have to hold down three strings together.

On a ukelele, however, you need to just press one string to get that effect. It makes the learning of basics very easy for beginners.

Less Complexity

The lesser number of chords also reduces the level of complexity. They make rhythmic strumming very easy and let you delve into the world of strings. With them, it is very easy to try different tunes and reach the complicated stages step by step. They don’t just cut the level of complexity, they make the playing much easier and give you better outcomes with ease.


The ukeleles come in 3 different sizes, soprano (smallest), tenor (medium), and baritone (largest). Most people go for the medium sizes ukeleles because they fit kids as well as adults. They can be easily perched on your lap and give you a perfect position for strumming. This feature also makes the ukelele a perfect instrument for kids as they can carry it anywhere effortlessly.

Softer Chords

The ukelele strings are made up of nylon mostly which is much softer than the steel strings used in guitars. They make the overall playing very for the newbies especially. Though the former does away with some of the treble (high-pitched overtones), it gives matchless comfort to your fingers and lets you try strum for longer hours with ease.

Thin Neck, Thin Frets

The Ukuleles come with thinner necks and frets which makes them much easier to handle than guitars. It makes the overall handling of the instrument very easy and gives you a very ergonomic setup comparatively.


As you can imagine, when an instrument comes with a lightweight and simpler disposition, it becomes a cheaper option as well. They often emerge as the best thing for beginners who want to dabble in the world of stringed instruments with ambiguous ambitions.

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